The secret of the universe

Armonie e Follie


Life runs so quickly that we forget to live it. Caught up in a whirlwind of cravings, fears and constraints, man has forgotten he is a spiritual being who is here to live a human experience in which his goal is to regain self-awareness through nature and its beauty.

Every sweet-scented flower, every fragrant fruit tell us the secrets of the universe. The essence of their scent reawakens our memory of an unreal, unknown world that only a reconnection with our soul can disclose. Smelling, breathing in the scent of this secret magics away our surroundings, lifting us out of the physical realm, where happiness, though short-lived, discloses a new dimension. The joy we feel is so clear, so palpable and so pure that, even for just the briefest moment, it hauls us where there’s nothing but light.

The incredible alchemy of the union of body and soul happens then, taking us, in an infinitesimal moment, to eternity. Through the senses, the body joins the soul that, ready to embrace it, offers it consciousness of the universe. The duality of our material world has disappeared to make room for unity among all living beings.

To rediscover what we really are out of space and time, the fragrances of this new range, simple and genuine in their notes, will enchant your senses and your soul. It will take just a simple flower, a fruit or the scent of moss to share and deeply experience the secret of the universe.


Main fragrances of this collection: amber, bergamot, birch, currant, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, patchouly, pineapple and saffron.