The Spirit of Mother Earth

Armonie e Follie


In this world that has lost the sense of its primal values, in which the spirit is enslaved to material things, if human beings want to rediscover their truest essence, they will have to remember that they are closely bonded to nature and that they are one with it.

There is a population, American Indians, that has always managed to preserve and hand down the sense of a deep bond between our spirit and the spirit of all the beings that live on our planet. Animals, plants, trees are part of ourselves. We are so closely bonded together that we are one. If we respect them, they will respect us. Everything is within us, beauty, the sense of the sacred that we have so regrettably lost, and we would only need to look inside ourselves to find it again.

It is in this spirit that the new fragrance collection, ‘’Lo Spirito di Madre Terra’’ (The Spirit of Mother Earth), inspired by Sioux names, has been created. Each fragrance reminds us of what we are, in the depth of our hearts. Living beings like many others, whose true spirit is filled with love and respect for all that surrounds us.

The Sioux names of the fragrances in this new collection remind us of how some elements of life seem easy but primal, in this world taken over by technology, the destroyer of the Essence.

The herbal, fruity, woody and flowery notes of these fragrances carry the memory of the real beauty of our most intimate essence, the only one that gives us access to joie de vivre, in harmony with the surrounding world. Through these natural, genuine notes, it is up to us to find it again in communion with all our senses and spread it in a fragrance that promises to take us on a journey back to basics.


Main fragrances of this collection: amber, bergamot, bitter almond, caramel, cardamom, cedarwood, cypriol, incense, jasmine, herbaceous, liquor, mandarin, musk, nutmeg, orange blossom, oudh, roses, plum, sandalwood, saffron, sichuan pepper, sour cherry, tonka beans, vanilla, vetiver, violet and ylang.