The Quattroventi range: Grecale, Maestrale, Scirocco and Libeccio.

They are warm and strong fragrances, with a slightly oriental touch and with spicy and amber notes that are extremely seductive.

Its modern decoration reveals the shiny gold that reminds us of warm desert sand. The characteristic that makes them unique is that they are deep, enveloping, extremely sweet and sensual and perfect for evening.

Inspired by the delicate breeze that blows on a landscape kissed by the sun on the horizon, each wind has its own perfume and it carries perfumes from faraway lands, spices and flowers, leading us to discover an exclusive and magical universe, enveloped by the mystery in which aromas evoke emotions, feelings and sensations. Unique and ethereal fragrances that are born from ancient and secret alchemies by entering the world of senses.


Main fragrances of this collection: lemon, basil, vetiver, curled mint, iris, iris-based, orange, cloves, sweetorange, nutmeg, woody, cedarwood, patchouli, cardamom, ebony, mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, white flowers, white peach, flowery, flowering, fresh, fruity, sweet orange, lavander, basil, citrus, cistus, sandalwood, amber, ambergris, cyclamen, lilac, eucaliptus, white peach, raspberry, vanillin and vanilla.